Oh, The Lies You Tell - Bakugou Katsuki - pt.9 (2023)

Bakugou x f!reader

Warnings: angst, trauma, abuse, betrayal, fluff, slice of life, smut, cursing, manipulation, possible spoilers, physical harm, 18+, MANGA SPOILERS

Oh, The Lies You Tell - Bakugou Katsuki - pt.9 (1)

Ep. Warnings: angst, cursing, minor injuries and blood, smut

Summary: It’s time for the journey back. The tension between Bakugou and Y/N is incredibly thick and while they want to speak to each other, they can’t find it in themselves to do so. The drama in between the two is ruining their chemistry and is faltering their abilities to work together and make it out of the woods alive.

A/N: weird place to put a smut in to but hey, we’re all a bunch of weirdos here ;) also it’s kinda short, Sorry! >w<



Bakugou was the first to wake up. He had risen from the pile of leaves still in his now dirty hero costume. His mask, that sat above his head, pushed his bangs back and exposed his puffy eyes and face. His throat was dry due to his previous sobbing and he sighed as he placed his head in his hands .

A soft breathing next to him caught his attention. You caught his attention. He watched as your chest slowly rose and fell due to your deep breaths and slumber. He took notice of your eyes that were also puffy and saw tear streaks that had dried. His lip quivered at the sight of you and on instinct, his hand went in to caress your cheek. After a moment, he remembered that it wasn’t his place to do so anymore and retracted his hand. Suddenly, the memory of your words rang through his head.

“There is no more ‘us’ anymore, Bakugou.”

It stung and he had to hold his breath for a second to fight his sobs that prayed to break through. New tears pricked at his eyes but he refused to let them fall. He shouldn’t feel this way. You were a liar. A traitor. You played him for a fool and broke his heart. He gave you his all and allowed you to hold his entire being in the palm of your hand and you completely crushed him. So why does he still love you so damn much?

He hated you. He wanted to hate you so bad. Wanted to completely forget about your existence and pretend you never mattered to him…..but he couldn’t. Not when he put his all in you. Not after you became his first time, kiss, and love. But for the sake of him and the heroes, he had to try and harden his heart from you. It was the right thing to do….right?

He let go of his breath as he turned to shake you to wake you up. “Prin- Y/N. *sigh* Y/N. Wake up.”

You began to mumble and turn in your sleep as your eyes slowly opened up to the sight of a slightly disheveled Bakugou. “C’mon Y/N, we have to go. We gotta find our way back.”

You released the adorable yawn that Bakugou always loved and sat up as you became aware of your surroundings once more. You looked towards Bakugou remembering last night and saw how he just sat up and stared ahead. “I’m surprised you didn’t just leave me behind.”

“…..Yeah well…as much as I hate your dumbass now…I still love you,” he stood and walked towards the exit, “Trust me, if I could leave you behind, I would’ve. But I can’t bring myself to do it. So hurry up and let’s get back to UA.”

You nodded your head and used your water bending to put out the fire that remained lit the whole night. You followed Bakugou out of the cave and began your journey back to UA. What a journey this’ll be.

You both had been walking for an hour already and you haven’t really exchanged any words. You didn’t speak on the elephant in the room and just remained silent. It was a shame that Rumor was still with Aizawa. If he was here, you both could’ve easily gotten back. You had tried Rumor’s whistle numerous times but he never showed. I guess you were too far away for it work.

What you didn’t know was that back at UA, every time you blew the whistle, Rumor fought against restraints to go out and find you. All Might and Mr. Aizawa had heard of the attack and left Rumor to Midnight who kept him under strict hold. The poor changeling fought and fought and even tried to change into multiple creatures but nothing worked.

When The two pros arrived on the battle field, they took notice of the villains and All Might was quick to disperse of them. Aizawa tended to the students as he noticed that majority of his class was knocked out and a few were seriously injured and covered in blood. Once All Might forced Kurogiri’s hand to open a portal for the villain’s leave, he tended to the other class. The retired pro bowed his head to honor the bodies of the few students who had lost their lives, and took care of the situation. Help came and the students were in the infirmary while next door, Rumor still struggled.

It wasn’t until the changeling grew feral and changed into a dinosaur, breaking the chains and roof. He was quick to transform into his giant hawk form as he flew to the skies in search of you, hoping you would blow the whistle once more so he could locate you.

Bakugou had been looking forward the whole time. He walked ahead of you and never once looked back to take a glance at you. He knew if he did, he would break. He had to keep going. He also had to think ahead. What was he gonna do once he got back to UA? Expose you and tell everyone the truth? Get rid of you? Let you get away with everything?…….Forgive you and let everything go back to how it was before? He didn’t know.

Behind him, a timid version of you trailed along. You kept your head down as a shadow casted over your eyes to hide your sadness. You wanted to tell him more. You wanted to tell him you didn’t want it to be this way. That you still loved him. You didn’t want to be a villain. You wanted to tell him all the shit the league put you through and why you made certain decisions. And then it clicked. Why were you so stupid? Why were you gonna let this play out like some stupid chick flick? This was real life and you were gonna be straight with him. But that wouldn’t settle your nerves.

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you looked to the blonde in front of you. “…Katsuki? Can we talk.”

Bakugou didn’t look back. He kept his sight infront of him as he kept walking. “Unless it’s about us finding our way out of here, then no. We shouldn’t.”

“..I still have so much more to tell you.” You softly said as you played with your hands in nervousness.

“And you couldn’t tell me this back in the cave last night?” He said as he swatted away at vines and branches.

“….there was too much tension and too much going on then.” You tried to explain.

“Oh like that tension still isn’t around. And as if there isn’t already enough going on.” He countered.

“Katsuki please!” You pleaded but he was quick to shut you down again.

“Enough Y/N! There’s too much shit happening for our relationship drama! If you could even call it that anymore! I don’t even know what we are anymore!” His voice grew shaky as he continued. “I know last night you said there was no ‘us’ anymore..but I can’t help but still feel something between us. I wanna talk, but I just can’t right now! I just want us to get back safely and still alive!”

Silence once again grew at his words and you shook a bit. You couldn’t let the conversation go this way. After some time, you gathered your courage to speak but as you took a step, you realized you were too close to a ledge and fell off of it.

“Katsuki!” You screamed as you fell and Bakugou was quick to turn around. He saw you fall off the cliff and ran to you to try and grab your wrist but was too slow and missed you.

“Y/N!” He screamed as he watched you fall. It was a long drop and Bakugou tried to give you an idea. “Use your fire to make yourself fly!”

“I can’t! The trees are too close, I’ll start a forest fire!” You tried to use your air bending to slow down the fall but to no avail. The wind pressure going against you was too strong. Bakugou didn’t hesitate to dive in to save you. He jumped off the cliff and used his quirk away from the trees to fall faster to reach you. Once he did, he grabbed a hold of your body and used his quick to blast himself to the trees. The branches you both hit slowed down the impact and you both finally landed with a thud to the ground. Bakugou layed atop of you as you both held heavy breaths, adrenaline still rushing through you both.

You both remained pressed against one another as you took deep breaths. His arms wrapped around you with a hand holding your head off the ground. His head was tucked into the crook of your neck as your arms stayed curled against your chest. A minute had passed and you both caught your breaths but made no moved to get out of the position you were both in. The warmth of each other was so familiar and comforting in a tough time like this and Bakugou couldn’t even see himself pulling away any time soon. You hesitated but eventually found it in you to wrap your arms around his neck and hold him closer. You allowed silent tears to fall as Bakugou stilled at your returning touch.

“….I love you Katsuki. I still have so much more to explain and tell. I need you to understand why I did what I did. I need you to listen. …..Please.”

Bakugou thought for a moment. His head remained in its place as he took in all of you. Your touch, you warmth, you scent. He finally pulled away but not before placing a soft kiss to your cheek as he pulled away and sat on the ground infront of you. You rose up from your position and sat up, mirroring him as you stared at him, waiting for further instruction.


You chewed your bottom lip in hesitation before speaking again.

“I told you I didn’t want to come to UA. I told you I only came to prove myself to the league. And that’s because….they..hurt me.” You finally admitted. Bakugou’s eyes went wide as he looked at you. He watched you raise your arm to show a few hidden scars they’ve left behind. He’s seen them before but you’ve always passed them off as battle wounds but now he was gonna get the true stories. You explained each scar and ended it with raising your shirt and showing him the huge scar that went from your waist to your belly button. You fixed your clothing before continuing.

“I became their personal punching bag. They took me for a joke but yet they always used me on important jobs. They never took me seriously and I thought that if I infiltrated UA and actually did something, I would prove myself to them. Show them that I was more than just a doll to play around with. I guess I did meet my goal…but it wasn’t worth everything I lost. I didn’t meant to hurt you Katsuki…or anybody. I was raised to hate heroes. I was raised to think that heroes were in the wrong. I know me telling you this probably doesn’t change anything but I just had to let you know the whole thing. I just had to be sure that you know that I still love you. So much. And that everything I felt for you was true.”

Silence returned once more as you both just looked towards the ground. Bakugou had listened to every word you said.

‘She didn’t mean any of it. She loves UA. She loves us. She loves me. And she regrets her wrongs. Her mindset was so…altered but she’s changed! We could still be…..together.’ He thought to himself. A smile began to grow on him but it fell once he realized something else.

He stood on his feet as he walked towards you. You looked up at him and saw how he extended his hand to you. You took it and yelped a little when he yanked you up to your feet. To your shock, he pulled you into his chest, wrapped an arm around your waist, and delivered a passionate kiss to your lips. It had you shocked at first but you quickly melted into the kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him in as his hold around your waist tightened and his free hand went to the back of your neck to press you into him. The kiss grew hungry as Bakugou nipped at your bottom lip and you gasped, allowing his tongue to taste you. You would say your tongues fought for dominance but you succumbed to his heat. He walked forward and pressed you up against a tree. Against the tree, his hands traveled around your body until they squeezed at your chest. You moaned into the kiss as his hands left to fall onto the curve of your ass. He separated from you for a second to speak.

“Jump.” Was all that he said before pressing his lips to yours once more. His tongue slid his way in as you jumped and he caught you, allowing his hands to palm at your bottom. Your hands tugged at his hair causing him to groan into your mouth as his other hand wrapped itself around your throat. He slightly squeezed at it, and the feeling had you grinding your center to his. You both moaned at the friction and Bakugou began to grind his hips up into you. Your tongues openly rolled onto each other as you shamelessly dry humped one another.

Bakugou placed you down on your feet and allowed his hands to slip into the pants of your hero costume. His hand went pass your underwear as a single digit swiped at your clit. You gasped as you spoke with hesitation.

“Katsuki..?” You said softly as Bakugou’s face was still close to your own. He pecked kisses all around your face as you said his name but he quickly replied.

“Let me…please,” you nodded in approval and Bakugou began to kiss at your neck. You tilted your head to give him more access as his finger still caressed your center. He used two pads to rub at your clit causing you to openly moan and grind your hips onto his hand. His other hand squeezed at your ass to hold you still as he entered those two fingers into you. He pumped his fingers into you as you moaned in pleasure.

“Y-yesss! Ahhh….” you cried out. Bakugou took it upon himself to add a third finger to completely stretch you and fastened his movements. He began curling his fingers, causing you to scream. “F-Fuck!”

You arched your back as Katsuki pressed his body into you. You began to feel a coil tighten in your stomach as your legs slightly shook. Bakugou could feel you tighten around his fingers and pullled out at the last second before you could cum.

“Katsu-“ Bakugou interrupted your whine with a kiss. He tongued you down as he dropped your hero pants and panties to the ground you were going to step out of them when Bakugou wrapped his arms under your legs and carried you above him. He placed your legs on his shoulders as you leaned against the tree. He licked his lips before using his tongue to lick a stripe at your glistening cunt. He growled at the sweet taste and couldn’t hold himself back as he viciously attacked your center. You moaned from atop of him as your hands found place in his blonde hair. You grabbed at his hair and pulled him in closer. He never faltered as his tongue expertly pleasured you. He sucked at your cunt as the wet sounds from it and the melodious moans you released forced his hard on to grow.

The tent in his pants became achingly painful as he grew desperate for release. Bakugou clenched his thighs in horny frustration as your own shook around his head.

“S-Suki!…M’ cumming!” You released the white honey all over Katsuki’s face as he continued to devour you. He swallowed every drop of you and used his hand to swipe at his face and swallow the rest. He kissed up your belly as he lowered you to the ground again. Once your feet hit the ground his lips met yours as he allowed you to taste yourself. Your eyes grew dazed but your hands were wide awake as they went to his pants. He never separated from your lips as he assisted you in removing his own bottoms. He member was released and you separated from Katsuki in time to watch how his length slapped against his torso. Your faces were still very close as you both looked down. Heavy and hot breaths leaving your mouths as a heat grew on both of your faces.

Bakugou began giving your face soft kisses all over as you grabbed his member in your own hands. Bakugou clearly jumped the slightest bit at your hand as it began to slowly pump his cock. He began thrusting his hips as he slightly moaned while continuing to pepper your face in kisses. He groaned when you squeezed at his shaft and he had to stop his mini pecks for a second.

“Please….” he quietly said, asking for permission. His kisses picked back up and when you nodded your head, Bakugou pressed you harder against the tree. He held one of your legs as his other hand guided his cock to your entrance. He glided it up and down your slit before slowly sinking in. The more he pressed in, the louder you both got until he completely bottomed out into you. At the feeling of being so full and deep you both released sobs of ecstasy. Both of your legs wrapped around his waist as he held you from your ass. He allowed you to adjust to his length and waited for the okay.

“Please Katsuki..please move,” you whined with a needy tone. Bakugou bit his lip and began thrusting into you at a pretty fast pace. You moaned at the way his cock glided along your walls and Bakugou mimicked the sounds you made. He gripped his hands into your ass, for sure leaving bruises.

“S-Shit baby…god, you’re so fucking tight..” he moaned into your neck. His heavy breaths grew against your neck as you scratched at his covered back.

“More..! Faster Suki!” You begged. Bakugou was happy to listen as he quickened his pace. The sound of skin slapping filled the forest and the sloppy sounds invaded your ears, causing you to clench around his shaft. Due to your tight hold, Bakugou groaned and couldn’t stop himself from going faster. He threw his head back as he moaned. He went harder, faster, and deeper as your cried out.

Bakugou looked to you and saw your fucked out face. The sight turned him on even more and he was quick to press his lips to yours. You were both moaning into the kiss as Bakugou never stopped his insatiable thrusts. Oxygen became necessary and so you both separated as Bakugou pressed his forehead to yours.

“I fucking love you..oh f-uck, understand p-princess?” His thrusts grew sloppy as a indication to show he was close to his end. “I’m not gonna s-stop loving you no matter what you f-fucking do.”

You nodded with tears in your eyes as Bakugou began to hit a sensitive spot. “R-right there Katsuki! Y-yes! Fuck me like that!”

Bakugou angled his thrusts into your sopping cunt and hit your special area. You began to moan uncontrollably as his dick was focused all on pleasing you.

Due to your head being fuzzied because of his thrusts, you didn’t even notice how his hand was active with his quirk. A heated spank reached your ass and you yelped at the sensation.

“This ass is mine,” spank, “this pussy is mine,” spank, “these lips,” spank, “those eyes,” spank, “this body,” spank, “all mine.” Spank. “You. Are. Mine.” He accentuated the last sentence with a sharp thrust to each word.

Soon enough, you felt the coil in your stomach return. Your pussy clenched around Bakugou as his thrust grew erratic.

“Fuck- you gonna cum Princess? Gonna cum for me?” You moaned a breathy, high pitched ‘yes,’ in return. His hand went right to your clit and ferociously rubbed at it. You screamed and threw your head. “Yeah..yeah just like that princess. Cum on this cock, show me who you belong to..”

At his words, you reached your climax. His hand continued to play with your center as you squirted all over his hero suit.

“Oh my god Katsuki! Fuckkk!” You cried out. Bakugou laughed at your release and the amount. He adored the way it covered his upper body and enjoyed how some reached his chin. He happily used his tongue to clean his face and smirked as he stared into your E/C eyes.

“Such a good girl…Mm fuck!” Bakugou gave his final few thrusts before he released his cum deep inside of you. The warmth filled your body and Bakugou slowly grinded into you to ride out his orgasm. He kissed you once more as you both enjoyed the feeling of him being so deep as he filled you up. The kiss was all tongue and teeth as you pressed your lips together. You both eventually pulled away with a string of saliva still connecting the both of you. You both huffed as Bakugou came in closer to you. You rested your head against his shoulder as he just remained inside of you. He held you close and kissed the crown of your head before pulling out.

He fixed his clothing and put everything back on the both of you. Once you were both fully dressed, he was quick to pull you in for a hug and you quickly returned it as he held you tight and pressed you against the tree. You both remained there in silence just embracing each other.

“…..Katsuki…Umm…what was-“

“We can’t be together…not right now at least.” He said while still holding you. When he said that, his hold just grew tighter but you pushed his chest back the slightest bit to get a look at him.

“What?” You say aloud in a breathy voice.

“There’s too much going on right now. If things were different, I’d be going through the tough time with you by my side….but we can’t be together right now. I know my feelings and you know yours..but your life still has a lot of unraveling to do dumbass. You gotta figure out what side you’re on before we can happen again. I love you Y/N. I know I do. But if you choose to be Titania…then I don’t know if we can still be together…no matter how much I love you. Do you understand?” He asked while holding the side of your cheek. You opened your mouth to say something but shut it, opting to just nod your head in understanding. However, you still had a question.

“So..what was all of this then?” You asked, referring to the heated moment you both had just shared.

“..Let’s just say we’re on a break right now. At least until you figure out who you are. Since we’re on a break, I’m marking my territory. I’m still yours. You’re still mine. Please believe I won’t be talking to anyone else or having eyes for anyone other than you…because you’re mine and I’m yours. Got that princess?” He said with a smirk.

“Got it,” you said with a small smile. Bakugou pulled you in for another hug after he kissed your forehead. You both held each other for a long time. You completely forgot you were supposed to be finding your way home. Luckily, a hawk cry was heard from afar. You both pulled away from each other while still holding onto one another as you guys looked towards the sky. There, you saw Rumor flying down to the both of you.

“It-it’s Rumor!” You said excitedly. “He found us!”

You both watched as Rumor dove to the ground and transformed into his wolf-dog form once he got close enough to the ground. You broke away from Bakugou and jogged to your animal companion. Rumor ran to you and stood on his hind legs as he jumped at you.

“You found us buddy!” You said while petting his thick coat surround his neck and chest area. Rumor whined in happiness at your reunion and Bakugou was quick to join.

“Hey,” he greeted the creature. Rumor separated from you and ran to jump on Bakugou. The blonde held his arms open but didn’t expect to be tackled to the ground. Rumor licked Katsuki’s face as Katsuki groaned in “disgust.” He pushed Rumor’s face away as you kneeled beside the two, petting Rumor. Bakugou sat up from under Rumor as he continued to pet his neck area as well.

You were rubbing at his head when you placed your forehead to your best friend’s. “That’s my good boy.”

You and Bakugou were now flying atop of Rumor in his flying bison form. You both sat near his horns and held onto his fur for safety. The wind was blowing through your hair and you looked around to notice the setting. The sky was blue and the sun was up. It was still midday, meaning things at UA were still pretty active. The second you and Katsuki would show up, you’d be swarmed with questions on the scene. It would give Katsuki the perfect opportunity to tell the truth.

You were so lost in thought, you didn’t even realize the said blonde was looking right at you. Admiring you for as long as he could. He knew this wasn’t the end for you both, unless you chose the dark path, but he couldn’t help but soak up all of you. You’d be around, but you’d no longer have the title of his girlfriend. He turned his head as he faced forward once more, deciding to break the silence.

“Umm…nice weather?”

You laughed a little at his awkward state. “Katsuki. Just because we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean things have to be weird. We can still talk to each other like normal.” Katsuki clearly began to relax as he placed his hands behind him and leaned back with the wind blowing in his face. A slight smile adorned his lips as he looked at you and nodded. “Besides..we’re getting close to the school, so I have to ask…are you….are you going to tell them..about…me?”

His breath got caught in his throat as his eyes bulged a bit. He stopped looking at you as he faced his hands that now sat in his legs. He visually tensed up once more and it took more than a moment before he replied.

“I….I don’t know.” You looked at him with a sad and worried look but he never returned your gaze. He took a deep breath before going on. “…I’m supposed to be a future hero Y/N..I’m supposed to do what’s right..and that would be turning you in. I don’t know if I’d be able to do that though. I love you so much…but..you’re not exactly..on the heroes side at the moment.” He said with a huff.

Silence grew and neither you or Bakugou chose to break it. You flew through the skies in a quiet pause. Nothing was going on except for Rumor bringing you back home. Your voice, your mind…they all just stopped. It wasn’t until the sight of UA came into view and a voice began to speak in your head.

‘I guess we’re about to see how this story unfolds..’

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