Lemon- Todoroki Shoto x reader (2022)

a/n: happy early valentines day! I was supposed to write something fluffy but I was feeling a little sentimental.

༶•┈┈┈✧┈✧┈✧┈┈┈•༶ = timeskip

The dual haired man opened his door, turning on the lights to his house. He removed his shoes and hung his coat. He proceeded to settle down in his home. Once he was finally in a comfortable state, he sat down, getting the stack of paperwork from his bag. He sighed at the amount of work to be done.

He was a Pro-Hero, one of the best at that, going by the alias known by the nation, Shouto. Immediately after graduating from U.A he, along with most of his other former classmates, went down the road of being pros, even as a pro, paperwork came along with it.

He was content with his job. Saving innocents and people from trouble, being a light to people made him have a purpose. However, everyday, he would always have a void kind of feeling in him.

His dual colored gaze made its way to the side of the table. A framed collage photograph stood there. It was a collaged photograph of two photos. One was him and his family, and the other, beside it, was a picture of the class 1-A on their last day of school as 1st years.

He looked over to where he was in the photo, his expression darkened after laying his eyes on the person right next to him.

A girl grinning. She had h/c hair and her e/c eyes were closed while she smiled.

He forgot how a picture like that would easily be on the back of his mind while when he looked at it, a wave of memories would flood in him.



The male turned around hearing the call of his name.

There you stood, everyone else had already left the classroom. He was surprised to see you standing there. “Do you need anything L/n?” he asked.

“Sorta? Well i’d just like to apologize” you said, looking the other way and scratching the back of your head.

He raised a brow. “Apologize? I don’t think you’ve anything wrong” he said.

“A few days ago, at the sports festival. I was passing through after my match. At the underpass i accidentally overheard you talking to Midoriya and…. Yeah” you chuckled, admitting.

“Oh. then, it’s alright” he said, about to walk away.

“Wait!” you yelled. He turned around again. This time you were looking at him, both of you facing one another.

“What?” he asked.

“I’d just like to say that i’m glad you’ve now accepted your other power. Your left side. I’m glad Midoriya was able to help you. He’s a really kind friend” You smiled.

“Thank you.” he nodded. “Is that all you have to say?” he asked.

“I want to be your friend”

His brows furrowed in confusion from that. “What?”

“I want to be someone you can talk to.” you said smiling awkwardly.

Todoroki was perplexed by your sudden proposal of friendship. He knew you were kind, in a certain way, and you seemed to have meant it. “Sure.” he agreed.

Your eyes beamed at his response. You bowed, thanking him.

He found you strange. The next day, you both started to talk to one another a lot. He learned things about you and you did about him. You both didn’t expect to get along so quickly in that matter of time, and yet, there you two were.



It was already your second year at U.A. you had new classmates and things were different yet still had the same aura. You were currently doing a group project, with Todoroki, Bakugou, and Hagakure. The four of you were sitting together in a table in the cafeteria, much to Bakugou’s dismay.

As the four of you were working on it, you started to space out. Todoroki called out to you. “Y/n”

“Huh? Sorry i was thinking about something else” you apologized.

“Tch. if you’re not even thinking about this, then dont be part of thegroup, shithead” Bakugou grumbled.

“What were you thinking about L/n? A boy?” Hagakure gushed. You shook your head. “I was just realizing that U.A has 8 “K”s.” You said.


“Kusai (smelly), kitanai (dirty), kiken (dangerous), Kimyō (strange); kekkou (rather), kanari (quite), kowai (scary), and uh, i forgot what the last one i was thinking about was” you said.

“Eh? Kusai and kitanai?” Hagakure said. “It’s a joke!” you said to her.

“You have a strange sense of humor, Y/n….” Todoroki said.

“I’m trying to think of the last ‘K’…. i kept listing down negative things but there’s something else.” you muttered, trying to think.

“Kuso (shit).” Bakugou grunted.

“Kawaii! (cute)” Hagakure suggested.

“Kirai (Hate)” Bakugou added.

“Bakugou’s right!” you beamed.


“Well, half right. It’s Kirai Janai (i don’t hate it)” You smiled.

“Tch. such an airhead” Bakugou mumbled.

“Let’s get back to work, tomorrow’s work studies once again for this year” Todoroki said.

Little did he know, that stupid yet enlightening conversation would be one of the last.

Todoroki was in the streets of Musutafu, with the pro he was doing his work studies with. Suddenly the phone of the pro rang.

“Got it” Endeavor said and placed his phone down. “There’s been a villain attack in the northern part of the city, not too far, we’re called for backup.” he said. Todoroki nodded, following Endeavor as they both ran, the site that was attacked was a pro hero’s agency building.

They arrived at the scene to see a broken building with some parts shattered and on fire. Another pro hero explained that a group of villain had attacked. The fire went out and Todoroki as well as Endeavor and the other pros and police who were there captured the villains.

Todoroki scouted the building for survivors, he had helped out 3 employees in that building. When he helped out another, the male employee had panted and his eyes were widened. “A U.A student- the one that (Favorite Pro) works with- (Hero name)- she was fighting the villains, up there!” the employee shaked, pointing upstairs.

Todoroki’s eyes widened. “This is the ground floor. Endeavor and (Favorite Pro) will come here with the police and tend to you. Please excuse me” he said and ran up.

He frantically looked around the area and spotted he colors of your hero costume, running to you.

You were lying on the ground, eyes shut peacefully. Your costume had a few burn marks and rips, several wounds on your body were visible. He carried your limp body and brought you out to the people who were helping.

You were put on the ambulance who rushed to the hospital. (Favorite Pro) and Endeavor insisted he came with you while they handled everything else.

You were sent to the emergency room, and the doctors did everything they could do. (Favorite Pro) and a few of your friends/classmates who were near the area for their work studies had also arrived.

“Companions of Y/n L/n?” a doctor said.

He and everyone else waiting by stood up. “How is she?” (Favorite Pro) asked.

The doctor sighed, biting his lower lip, and looking at him and everyone else with a serious expression.

“She didn’t make it”



At the first year of UA, you were walking to the dorms with Todoroki. “You should get more sleep, L/n. you won’t be able to focus on studies.” he frowned

“Yeah i know. Though, I’ve learned a lot when i was browsing the internet randomly.” You said, looking up at the sky.

This piped his interest, “it interested you a lot to the point that you stayed up until 1?” He inquired and you nodded.

“There are a lot of words in languages that can’t be directly translated. Like ‘Itadakimasu’ in english, there isn’t any direct meaning to it. oh ! my favorite ones are ‘mono no aware’ and ‘Sa-’ uh wait, ‘sa-u-da-de’” You said, trying not to butcher the last word.

“I know what ‘mono no aware’ is. However what’s ‘saudade’?” Todoroki asked.

“It’s portuguese! The internet said it’s melancholic longing or yearning.” you said, and Todoroki nodded. “It reminds me of the word ‘grief’” You added.

“That’s a strong word.” Todoroki commented.

“You know what else reminds me of grief? Lemons. Lemons are like humans. They have skin, flesh, and seeds. Skin and flesh are the same but seeds are like organs.” you went on a tangent.

“Strange, though how is a lemon related to grief, you ended up saying lemons are like humans,. If that’s because of the skin, flesh, and seeds, then all fruits are like humans” Todoroki said.

“Ah, but lemons have a bittersweet scent and taste. Grief is also bittersweet. Its bitter in the way that you feel suffering and sadness, yet its sweet because the person who you loose or the cause for your grief was your light, the sweetness comes from how when you learn how important they or it was to you. It’s also sweet because it makes you realize so much” you said.

“Thats a deep sentiment. L/n” he said.

“Well it’s true if you think about it” you pouted.

“You’re right, i guess.”


The young, dual haired man groaned as he got up from his bed. He got up and started to get ready for work.

He looked at the mirror as he was dressed in heis hero costume. It was fairly similar to the one he had back in UA however there were a few changes. As he was getting his bag from the desk, he took one last glance at the photograph.

He frowned a little. Why was it that his heart aches so much even though it’s been 2 years?

He still vividly remembered how devastated people around him were. Your classmates, family, friends, they all were shaken.

As of that time, it had been almost a year after they graduated from UA, roughly 2 years after you’ve died. It had been quite some time since he had finally stopped mourning, just like the others who lost you. However he was still hung up on you, particularly grief. The conversations you had initiated were always so peculiarly lucid, perhaps because most of them were so bizarre yet eloquent. Your sentiment of grief being bittersweet felt so out of reach, due to the bitter and heavy feeling tugging on him when he remembered you.

As he walked out of the door of him home, locking it, he shook his head, trying to clear his mind to prepare for the day. He sighed as the calm cold breeze, swept around the city, winter was ending soon, and spring was coming. The streets of Musutafu were busy due to the large amount of tourists coming for the season. It was rational. It was about to be one of the best time of the year, the temperature wasn’t the hottest and the scenery, even at the city, was nice.

He walked to his hero agency, doing his daily routine. Sitting on his desk, he sighed, his hand through his hair before looking at his work.

He was filled with grief, yet he knew it was his fault.


Days at UA had its ups and downs. There were most definitely times of great peril and life changing times, however there were also those peaceful moments.

Todoroki savored those moments where it was just normal. He often either took that time to train, study, or simply rest with his mind at ease. He was walking down the hallway to the common room of the dorms, about to make his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He saw in the common room that you, along with some of the girls were happily chatting.

He saw how you were just in a shirt and shorts since it was a weekend. He noticed how you fidgeted with the couch pillow while you talked as he poured the glass of water.

Todoroki was no stranger to simple feelings, sure he isn’t as educated on modern and other things, but he knew full well that he had a crush on you. He thought of it as just a crush, something he would get over, so he just decided to act normal and let nothing change.


He snapped out of his daze and looked at you, your face only a few centimeters away from his. His eyes widened slightly, he backed up a little, which lead you to baking away.

“Do you need anything L/n?” he asked. You shook your head. “Sorry. The girls were talking about the english test on monday, i don’t have notes. Momo and everyone else won’t give them to me because i’m ‘irresponsible’” You pouted, giving a glare towards the girls.

Todoroki sighed. “I only have notes about the main points. It’s easier to understand if you actually pay attention in class”

“Yeah, i do pay attention! But…. its harder to understand if Present Mic speaks in a different language for 50 percent of the class time” you whined.

“I’ll give you my notes, i’ll go up and bring them here” he said, departing to get his notes



“Can you explain this?” You said, looking at the notes in utter confusion.

“I thought you only needed notes” he inquired.

“They’re all in english letters…”

“Sure” he agreed. Thanks! I’ll knock at your door after hanging out more with the girls” You hummed after walking away.

He stared at you, as you immediately started laughing and talking with the girls. How did someone have the audacity to even freak out about not studying for a quiz, and immediately go into girl talk mode. He would probably be irritated, however something about you was….. Cute.

He just knew he had to push those feelings aside, not in fear of possible unreciprocated feelings, but he felt as if he would hurt you.


The strong tug on his heart was grief. Regret filled him, the feeling that he was able to acknowledge his feelings yet push them aside felt like a mistake. However the grief he had was overwhelming. It was painful beyond measure. It was the realization that he would never, ever, get the chance to face you, and get over his regret.

After signing a document, he checked his phone to see his schedule. The time read ‘15:48’

He had come back from patrolling just about 48 minutes ago. He checked his calendar app to see if there was anything to do.

Coincidentally, he saw an event set for 16:30. He stood up, putting on his coat and walking out of the room. He informed his assistant that he was going somewhere and taking a early leave.

He made his way to a designated area, looking at the small group of people gathered there. A woman with short, brown hair was the first one who noticed him. “Todoroki” sh called out to him, making everyone else turn to him.

The candles were already lit in front of the altar, as flowers and some of your items stood there. Midoriya, Kirishima, Bakugou, Yaoyorozu, and your other friends were already there as well. He had been informed by Uraraka that your parents left earlier.

Everyone wished that you were just somewhere out there, probably hiding from the villains, instead of passing away. However, that was just how the world works.

They talked a bit to catch up. Everyone had moved on already, but you were dear to them.

It was strange.

Here were your friends from years ago, some of them pro heroes, smiling and talking. He remembered how you were like a ball of light that even Bakugou smiled to.

Several people often smiled because of you. Yet without you they could easily still smile, well obviously. Grief was a sickening thing. At one point people are mourning them the next day, they’re just fine, however years later, they are broken.

He took a sip from the Bottled milk tea he bought from a 7-eleven and sighed. His grief stalked him everyday, some days worse than others. He knew it was his fault, he regret the fact that he didn’t confess or do something. He knew that you would probably just say it wasn’t his fault but the blame his mind just threw at him made it really hurt.

He fixed his posture and decides to do something. He walks away however a voice stops him.. “Todoroki, you’re leaving too? We were just talking about having diner to catch up” Yaoyorozu said as he looked over and saw her and his other former classmates walking away in a different direction.

“Sure, though I’m not leaving yet. I’m just getting something”

“Alright. We’ll meet up with you in a restaurant address I’ll text”

He walked back with a bouquet of flowers. They were several Tiny white flowers with yellow in the center. He walked back to your grave he placed the bouquet in front.

Lemon flowers were a strange gift to give someone on their deatbaniversary. Other flowers were often used but he felt that these were the way to go.

He squatted as he looked directly at your grave.

“It’s been a while….”

A silence filled the air.

“Everyone here still misses you, even if you’re in the back of their heads sometimes.”

He paused again.

“You were honorable that day, saving 12 people. You were a great hero. A hero that made people smile.”

“Me, smile.” He sighed as he got up.

“You were a great person Y/n. And I loved and still love and admire you for that.” He said.

He stayed there for a few more minutes, enjoying the peace and just relaxing. He finally decided it was time to go.

As he started his car, he checked the mirrors and saw his glossy eyes. He shut them tightly and opened them again, things seemed to have gotten brighter. He took one last glance at the memorial.

A sweet scent filled the air around him as he was about to drive away. However the scent wasn’t from the lemon flowers by your grave.

Song basis: Lemon by Kenshi Yonezu


Unnatural remains as one of my most favorite dramas ever (if i end up not taking music or writing for college then i’ll settle for forensic pathology ;-;) and Kenshi Yonezu is such an inspiration aside from Ito Kashitaro. This song just hits hard and I hope you all enjoyed it.

The fanfic and song talk about grief and it’s ‘bittersweet’ lemon like scent, also death. It can be relatable to someone who has lost someone in their lives and if they’re probably struck about it. Honestly for me, I haven’t lost anyone that important to me to death yet, however what makes it so sentimental to me is that it shows how important people in people in your life actually are. I’m the type of person who normally has a few people I don’t like or I naturally just don’t like some people who i’m Supposed to like however the songs shows that “oh hey, if they die, you’ll be affected as well, whether deeply or not”. (i tend to have my own opinions of people irl ;-;)

I just wanted to share this since I’m an emotional mess it’s Valentine’s Day and you can show the people in your lives if you are about them if you want to.

ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ᴠᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴇs ᴅᴀʏ

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