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About Bakugou and Uraraka's fight - I honestly found it odd. That's the only way I could describe it - Horikoshi's choice to make them fight of all people was odd, Bakugou's reaction to her passing out was odd, him lashing out on Deku about her was SO ODD... It came out of no where (considering his character up until that point) and it honestly makes me wonder whether Horikoshi's planning anything between them or not.

Well, the fight came right after Bakugou had a slap in the face by reality. It was after he found out that hey, there are there people in the world who are just as good as, if not better, than him. He was on the look out for that, and kept his guard up. He didn’t want to fall back into old habits of assuming he was the BEST and being proven horribly wrong.

Plus, it was after the Villain Invasion, and Bakugou knew that none of the other students suffered any major injuries (Besies Izuku–oh Izuku), which means they held themselves against the villains pretty well. And the entire class experienced this along with him, so he knew that he shouldn’t underestimate them.

Aizawa even makes a point to point this out. Bakugou doesn’t hold back against her because he knows she’s experienced the same things as him up until this point, and he shouldn’t underestimate her.

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So… to be honest, his attitude there makes a lot of sense to me.

As for why why Horikoshi chose to have them fight… i think it’s because he wanted to show just how far Uraraka would push herself to help her parents. the whole reason she wants to be a hero is to help them, after all. and she’s never been in a fight like this before.

to pit her against Bakugou, who refuses to go easy on anyone, would show just how determined she is in her goals, and it allows us to explore her past and motivations a little more.

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also, this fight starts us down the road of her character development. she doesn’t wanna stay behind Izuku forever, after all.

plus, this helps to show a lot of Bakugou’s complexity. for example,Bakugou’s reaction to her passing out and why he lashed out at Izuku… well…

I think he might’ve been overestimating her a little.

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from the start of the fight, Bakugou already assumed that Izuku had some sort of influence in it.

however, Bakugou was SUPER pumped to keep fighting her after her final attack landed. He just saw what she was made of. He was pumped, he was ready to keep going, and he thought she was too–but then she just collapsed. She couldn’t go on anymore.

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JUST LOOK AT THAT EXPRESSION. “The real match starts now, Uraraka!!”

(Note, this is the first time he uses her name, instead of calling her by a nickname.)

He was REALLY EXCITED to fight her without thinking that Izuku had some kind of influence on their fight. she proved to him that she was strong and determined (”She ain’t dead yet.”) and she unleashed a DAMN powerful attack against him that almost beat him. he wanted to keep fighting her now, because he saw what she was capable of. he wanted to fight her and her alone.


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Look at his face here. She thanked him and then pulled off a HUGE destructive final attack. He was forced to use his explosions to the point where his hand stung from the effort.that attack impresses him so much, that he starts using her name.

Bakugou, at this point, already really saw her as an equal and respected her. but she pushed herself as far as she could possibly go. it must’ve been a shock to see someone he had a high opinion of just collapse like that.

Bakugou hardly paid attention to her before this fight. he just knew her as ‘that girl who hung around Izuku,’ which didn’t give him a high opinion of her. But she proved herself during the fight, and kept going, and she had a fire in her eyes that proved her determination to him.

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i think his opinion of her just rose to the point where he had high expectations, ESPECIALLY after that final attack, and when she just couldn’t go on, the reality shocked him.

This person he actually fought as equals with, that he only just began to respect, and was pumped to fight against, had a limit. not everyone could go on fighting for as long as him.

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i think he might’ve been angry at Izuku because Izuku would KNOW about this. Bakugou knows about Izuku’s notebook and that he writes down details about people and their fighting styles. Izuku told Bakugou that he was in it too, so it would be easy to assume that Izuku wrote about Uraraka as well. and that Izuku would be able to create a plan for her to use against Bakugou. (and he was right)

So Bakugou took another leap in logic and assumed that Izuku must’ve given her that plan because of those notebooks. Bakugou didn’t know her limit, but Izuku did, and he was angry at Izuku for making her do something that dangerous.

After their fight, after seeing everything she was made of, i think Bakugou was angry because he wanted to keep fighting her. He respected her, and wanted to push himself against her more, but believed he was robbed of that because Izuku gave her that plan.

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He was angry because she pushed herself so much with that plan that she couldn’t go on. He couldn’t keep fighting her. She had a limit, and he had to accept that. and maybe, just maybe, if she used a different plan, he could’ve kept fighting her.

i think Bakugou’s respect for her grew after finding out it was all Uraraka. that Izuku had no part or influence in their fight, that it was all her fight and grit and determination that he respected.

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She was willing to fling herself around so dangerously in order to beat him. she was willing to risk herself, to push herself to her absolute limit, to win.

“Where do you see‘fragile’?” indeed.

(also, quick segway here, but i wanna talk about this scene for a moment

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Uraraka seems like she’s fairly close to Bakugou here, so it’s entirely possible Bakugou overheard her saying“Daddy..!!”

it wouldn’t take much to figure out that she was fighting for her dad, not just for herself. she wasn’t pushing herself just because she wanted to get stronger or be number one; she wanted to help her parents. i doubt it’s something he’s ever really thought of doing, since he’s all about becoming number one for himself. i think that might’ve left an impression on Bakugou, if he in fact heard her here.)

(Bakugou’s such a complex guy lmao nothing is ever simple with this guy)

As for your suggestion of Horikoshi planning something between Uraraka and Bakugou… well, if you’re talking about romance, i have to disagree.

The story, as it is so far (which i’ll admit is still pretty early on), is clearly setting Uraraka up as Izuku’s love interest. She’s had at least three instances of people pointing out her crush on him (directly or indirectly), and Izuku blushed a lot during their first few meetings. It’s not a ship i particularly care for, but it’s cute and being set up fairly well within the story.

Of course, Horikoshi could throw us a curveball by having Uraraka fall in love with Izuku, only to have Izuku not return her feelings because he’s grown to view her as a friend only. I doubt it’d be the end of their friendship, but it could lead to the possibility of Uraraka/Bakugou.

personally, i don’t really want this to happen. as much as i like Bakugou/Uraraka (or at least my interpretation of it), i don’t really want it to happen within the story. I don’t read MHA for the romance, i read it for the platonic relationships and the slowly building friendships between the characters. I’d love to see more of Bakugou and Uraraka’s relationship be explored, but not in a romantic context.

(and, honestly, i just don’t want complex romantic subplots in MHA. while i have faith in Horikoshi’s writing, Shonen rarely handles romance well. Horikoshi is doing pretty good with Uraraka/Izuku, but i don’t want to see him attempt much more than that)

however, i do think that Uraraka and Bakugou’s relationship is gonna be built up. or, at the very least, i think it’ll be important to the plot. Uraraka, in the omake chapter, demonstrated a very clear understanding of Bakugou and Izuku’s relationship. she wants them to become friends again, and i think she’ll be one of the keys to finally making that happen (along with Kirishima)

Uraraka is also one of the few people who wants Bakugou and Izuku to be friends again. she’s actively asking for it (at least in the omake). so yeah, i think she’ll be instrumental to that happening.

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