Guppy Love (Todoroki x Reader) (2022)

Guppy Love (Todoroki x Reader) (1)

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Summary: Fish don’t survive in coffee. You find that out the hard way.

A/N: My God, I love this one so much. Please enjoy!

Word count: 1486

“Man, you are whipped for her!” Todoroki rolls his eyes at the statement.

“No, I’m not.”

“You liar, you totally like YN!” Kaminari pokes his classmate’s arm obnoxiously.

“I don’t like her, so stop going around saying that,” Todoroki monotonously responded.

The class froze at the sound of a crash and a scream in the hallway. Suddenly, Mina bursts breathlessly into the room, her eyes wide with terror.

“Yn fell in the hallway and-”

Todoroki’s hand bursts into flames on his desk, leaving burns in the wood.

“Is she okay?!” He doesn’t wait for an answer before pushing past Mina and sprinting out into the hall.


He finds you collapsed on your knees in the middle of the corridor with puffy eyes and red cheeks.

“I dropped the fish tank.” You sniffle and shyly hold up a filled coffee cup with an orange creature floating ominously at the surface. “I don’t think Mr. Bubbles is gonna make it.” Your voice is tight with sadness as you stare ashamed into the overflowing cup.

“Yn, I’m so sorry.”

“Can you make some water for him or something?” Your eyes glowed with hope as you stared up at him.

“I don’t think-”

“Please?” Todoroki sighs and gives in, taking a seat next to you on the ground and cupping his hands. In the one, he creates ice, and then proceeds to use the other to melt it.

With his fingers clumped tightly together to form a makeshift bowl of water, Todoroki tries not to grimace at the slimy texture of the fish you plop into his hand.

Mr. Bubbles doesn’t move.

“Maybe he’s just sleeping,” you say hopefully, your eyes locked on the guppy.

“Maybe he’s dead.” Todoroki observes your face for a reaction, but you simply bite your lip with drying eyes.

“Maybe you’re right,” you mutter before groaning and dropping your face into your hands. Todoroki shifts uncomfortably and sneers at the dead fish floating in his grasp.

“What should we do?” you ask. Todoroki’s eyes trail to you before glancing at the nearby courtyard, then returning to your face once more. Catching his drift, you gasp dramatically.

“No, I am not leaving him for dead in the middle of the school yard!”

“He’s already dead.”

“I don’t care!” After standing up, you help Todoroki to his feet and cross your arms indignantly.

“We should hold a funeral in the bathroom!” You smack your hands together as if you’ve just discovered the cure for cancer. “It’s genius! And tasteful!”

“Or we could leave some bird a generous meal in the school courtyard.” You give him a withering glare.

“All those in favor of holding a memorial service for our beloved Mr. Bubbles, raise your hand.” You raise your hand at your own suggestion then ask, “All those opposed?” Todoroki narrows his eyes at you. Even if he tried to “oppose,” water and dead fish would spill everywhere.

“It seems we’ve come to a compromise.” You smile happily at him and clap excitedly.

“That was, in no way, a compromise.” The emotion of Todoroki’s face is emptier than a teenage boy’s search history, but you try to ignore how it still manages to make your heart race.

“No matter! Follow me,” you announce, directing Todoroki to the nearest bathroom… it’s the women’s room.

“YN no-“ you giddily shove him in with a little too much force and Mr. Bubbles goes on a once in a lifetime (or is it death time?) flight. You both watch in horror as he falls to the ground with a squelching “splat.

Nobody makes a sound, completely aghast at the crime scene. The bathroom is hauntingly silent except for the gentle buzzing of the fluorescent lights.

“I’m not picking him up!” Todoroki mumbles and you shout at the same time, voices clashing noisily. Neither of you wanted to touch the corpse. Swiftly, you look over at your partner in crime and nod your head towards the fish once, twice, three times all the while he’s shaking his head.

“No way, I already picked up that thing once. It’s your turn.”

“Oh come on!”

“Plus, you killed it.” You gasp offensively while he raises his brows. The staredown doesn’t last long and you eventually throw in the towel, pursing your lips and rolling your eyes. Shoes squeaking against the tile, you skulk your way over to the fish.

“Fine.” Crouching low, you investigate Mr. Bubbles from multiple angles, trying to deduct the best method of transfer.

“He’s not just gonna flop himself in, you know.” You hurl a murderous look at Todoroki for the quip before reaching out with pinched fingers towards your flubby friend.

“God, this is a bloodbath,” you grimace before tentatively snagging a fin and holding back a gag at it’s slippery texture.

“Grossgrossgrossgrossgross,” you repeat all the way to the toilet, unceremoniously tossing Mr. Bubbles into the bowl like a sack of flour. “Oh my Godddd!” you choke out, darting over to the sink and almost slipping in the water puddle Todoroki left on the way.

While you clean your hands, your companion peers in at a floating Mr. Bubbles, blanching at the sight of the fish’s blank, bulging eye staring unblinkingly at him. He backs away slowly and you join him by his side, gulping nervously.

“Let’s get the party started, shall we?” you ask with a shaky smile.

“Sure” is Todoroki’s lame response. You scoff before clearing your throat.

“Well, Mr. Bubbles, you lived a good, long life-”

“About two weeks.”

“And it’s a shame to see you go like this.”

“Just to be clear, we know it wasn’t your fault-”

“Zip it, Shouto!” You point a trembling finger at him threateningly and he raises his hands in surrender.

“Anyways, even though I tried my very best to save you-”

“You scooped him into Aizawa’s coffee mug.”

“It’s still a sad day to watch you go. We will always cherish the memories we shared with you-”

“Yep, those two that we made. The one where we bought him for two bucks and the other where you overfed him and gave him fish diabetes-”

“Do you know how it feels to be strangled? Because you’re about to find out.” Arms akimbo, you stare at Todoroki with fierce, wide eyes. He shrugs. “That’s what I thought,” you nodded.

As you ramble on to your beloved fish friend, Todoroki can’t help but zone out and think about the situation he has found himself in. For the first time in his life, he’s ditching a class in school, and it’s only to throw a funeral for an over-caffeinated guppy. With anyone else, he would have left twenty minutes ago, but right now he wanted to stay. You were here, and Todoroki never knew why, but he always felt drawn to your presence. He had only known you for two months, but something about you made him want to break down the walls he had built up over the years. You were different, and you valued every moment of life you had. He adored that about you.

Geez, maybe he was whipped.

The gentle beating in his chest soon rivaled that of a racing stampede of elephants when you scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. Your heart sped up too, but you didn’t care to mention it. Instead, you chose to release a shaky breath when his arm slowly encompassed your shoulders.

“Um,” you swallow, “did you want to say anything?”

Todoroki held in a snort. “No, I’m plenty good.” The room fell into silence once more, but the atmosphere wasn’t solemn for a dead fish funeral. It was tense and shy, filled with teenage anxiousness that only arose when two requited crushes were together in one room. Todoroki started to grow uncomfortable, though.

“So are you gonna flush him or…?” he trails off.

“Oh yeah.” You lick your lips nervously and step out of his warm embrace before pressing down the handle. “Goodbye Mr. Bubbles. We wish you well on your journey to the… I don’t know, water heavens or something.” You step away with a shrug back into Todoroki’s hold. All is peaceful, until….

Clunk clunk.

Oh crap.

Both of you watch in horror as the toilet clogs, water rising higher and higher until it overflows, carrying the dead fish with it. Yours and Todoroki’s eyes follow the journey of Mr. Bubbles as he rides a wave all the way to the tips of your shoes, stopping perfectly to stare up at the two of you with vacant, enlarged pupils.

You sigh and smack your palm against your face. “I’ll go get the janitor.”

“I told you we should’ve just hucked him.”

“Shut it, Shouto.”

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