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I’ve actually been wanting to do some for this show especially since I’ve gotten into it. I know you asked for vore belly canons but I’m going to expand it into both stuffing and vore related stuff.

"Giving unnecessary bellies since forever" ™ (1)

Originally posted by katsukkin

That being said, this probably won’t be the most fluffy of fills because…honestly Bakugou,Katsuki Bakugou, Kaa-chan, whatever you want to call him is kind of a huge asshole. (I’m hoping he gets a little redeemed like he slowly has been but he’s always been a jerk so far)

First off, I see Bakugou as an all around big eater, stuffing or vore. He will eat and he will take up any challenge. While he may not pig out at every meal, when he wants to he can push himself.

In stuffing, I think Bakugou would be known as a big eater even in Junior High. He’d take challenges from people and stuff his face. He’s already“running hot” thanks to his personality and Quirk so I’m sure his metabolism already required some higher than normal food intake.

Sadly because he’s a bully, especially of Izuku (Deku) when he has no Quirk, I see Bakugou routinely being full from lunch and then purposefully stealing and eating Izuku’s lunch right in front of him. He’d joke about how puny a meal it was and it was nothing, even bragging that Izuku should bring more with him so it’s more of a challenge. He’d burp loud and wet, totally showing off his stomach and how loud he can make his belches. I can see his gang always complimenting him on his eating and burping and everyone in class because he was the number one student to think it was the hottest thing.

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Originally posted by okami-fr

I think that Izuku probably would attempt to feed Kaa-chan more and purposefully increase the size of his lunch to try to appease his “friend.” This would gradually increase Bakugou’s capacity because there’s no way that even if he’s full that he won’t take the opportunity to eat all that Deku has.

I also think that Bakugou would take random eating challenges from the class or other students. At the slightest hint they start to doubt his strength, he’d take the bet and surprise everyone. It would start with eating several people’s meals, then a whole classes, then just having people give them his food in the cafeteria and devour each one. He wouldn’t eat like this normally, but goes all out when challenged.

This may even include him taking on eating challenges at restaurants and surprising everyone that a junior high student could eat so much. I think he’d be the type that would take perverse pleasure in eating his way out of his uniform or if outside of class, in his tank top and showing off his gut. He’d burp loudly and rub the sides of his belly under his shirt to allow for glimpses of how bloated he was. Plus if he was challenged or bored, Bakugou would be the type that would burp in your face on purpose. And honestly, even with just stuffing, I think that Bakugou would end up making vorish comments about how tasty someone looks or licking his lips in intimidation both as part of his bullying or if he was flirting with someone.

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Originally posted by tetsustetsus

But….All that being said, I do think of Bakugou as a pred and it probably flowed as a natural progression of his stuffing. I think someone called him out on a challenge or a vorish comment he made and never one to back down, followed through and ate someone. Or he took his bullying too far and wanted to give the worst punishment he could think of.

I’m not sure what would lead up to his first time eating someone so some of the circumstances would change depending, but I do think it was him by himself, his prey, and his two goons while still in Junior High. It would either be post eating challenge with him waddling away to somewhere private or they were already private and he wanted to show that he could. (I’m sure both happened eventually)

I could see him being hungry after bullying someone in an alley, his stomach growling and joking how“maybe I should just eat you!” then about to leave when the person talked back to Bakugou with something like“you wouldn’t dare!” and he’d turn around and say something like“Now why did you have to go say something like that you puny ass bitch. Now I HAVE to.” (he has a terrible mouth on him. Then he’d pull them close and open his mouth and swallow them whole. It would be a struggle but he’d do it and in the back alley where no one would see him but his buddies. He’d finish and be the fullest he’s ever been. He’d totally belch loud and wet, moan a little and have it turn into a pained growl as he tried to get to his feet. He’d complain about the weight like“heavy little fucker” and finally get to his feet with support of the wall before standing straight and slapping his belly saying something like“That’s right, I told you I could do it!”

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Originally posted by sansan9

He’d be incredibly stuffed, and probably really sick but he’d never admit that out loud and probably take it as a sign of how awesome he was (and brag he had a second quirk). That first time, I think his friends would go and poke the belly all over, testing it and asking him how it was. He’d just boast and say it was nothing and may even demand belly rubs. Most likely, I think he’d be a fatal digestion type of pred with a few exceptions. He may end up bargaining with his prey that he’ll let them out if they don’t tell anyone at least after he got his fun from it. He’d also potentially keep someone in his belly for multiple days if he didn’t digest them.

After that I think he’d only escalate and continue to eat other students, teachers, or others around town. He wouldn’t think it was that wrong, he was only feeding himself so he’d be able to be a stronger hero. He’d joke often about the disappearances and pat his abs or some other body part he’d been working on recently while his buddies would just exchange nervous glances.

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Originally posted by kahcchan

I think he’d use his ability on Izuku a lot. Like possibly daily or every weekend. He wouldn’t digest him, he’d just eat him frequently because he likes to toy with him. Bakugou would eat Izuku, then lug him around all weekend enjoying the struggles and purposefully force himself to eat mass quantities to make the trip more uncomfortable. Plus I think he’d often talk to his Izuku filled belly a lot just to continue to taunt him.

Bakugou is the type that would see his eating and his massive belly as a symbol of power and would by the time he got to UA High School, definitely get off on it. I can’t say what his capacity would be by the time he was in class but I think he’d definitely be pushing as his max before throwing up would be around two normal sized adults. Most of this would be a secret and he’d try to have more smaller students in the non Hero class or go for people outside of class so he wouldn’t be caught.

However, if challenged I think he would do it in class especially if someone was doubting his eating abilities. Like if someone said that he couldn’t eat a whole feast on his own, he’d do it easily with a toothpick in his mouth. They continue to doubt or say how big he is, he’d say“That’s nothing, I can get it lots bigger than this,” then take them outside to privately eat them and return with a much larger belly. There could be lots of other scenarios like this.

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Originally posted by chikara-san

Now there is one way out of all of this that wouldn’t have Bakugou be such a terrible person (but still a jerk) and that is for his eating to be a known Quirk.

For example, if his eating ability allowed him to absorb quirks if he digested someone (the school could find a way to bring them back or have it be criminals) or if he could combine powers while someone was in his belly and spit them out when he’s done, I think you’d get around a lot of the evil ways (to a point) and make it a much more public experience.

In that one, everyone could know about his eating both of food and of people and be amazed by it and maybe even taking turns with it. That way the entire class would know of his ability and want to touch and feel his belly in class and him belch and proudly jut out his stomach for all to poke, prod, or rub. He’d be able to show off and joke about eating everyone and in some cases actually do it and it actually be totally okay. Honestly the world with all the quirks is totally weird enough that this would be considered normal for someone to have a quirk like that. If this was the case, then I could see his training actually be to be able to eat as many as he could and increase his strength so he’d be able to fight and defend himself while having a massive belly. Plus if it were public, I can see him having a goal of eventually eating the entire class, just to say that he did. Also there is the possibility of him and Izuku teaming up so Bakugou can use his fire and All for One and not have Izuku break all his bones in one shot.

In this case, his stuffing and eating in general would be more well known and he’d show off his stomach even more, either always eating himself out of clothes to show off or his clothes being elastic enough that his pants at least remain intact due to his eating. People would feed him all the time because he’s a“growing boy” and try to not end up in his gut. Plus he could want to increase his eating or eat some more often so he could test combining their powers or being able to practice to be as good at their quirks as they are. That would just make his weekends always bloated to the max and holidays likely that he’d eat his entire family“for training”

Sorry he’s a jackass! That’s just how he is. Usually don’t like them this mean. Feel free to tell me if you have other ideas.

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