Gender Swap | Todoroki Shouto x OC (2022)

Gender Swap | Todoroki Shouto x OC (1)

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Synopsis: Idou Shun and Todoroki Shouto have been dating for a while, and on their way to school together, they were accidentally hit by a gender swap quirk that turned Todoroki into a girl and Idou into a boy.

Word Count: 2k


The whole class burst into laughter. “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ashido even snorted between laughs. Only Midoriya, the sweet boy, actually took the situation seriously.

“Oh my god, how did this happen?” he asked in horror when he faced the red and white haired “girl” and caramel colored haired “boy.”

“These two idiots accidentally got their genders swapped on their way to school when a villain attacked and a civilian accidentally bumped into them out of panic,” Aizawa explained to the class. What was hilarious was the “boy” was wearing the girl’s uniform, which clamped down tight on him, while the usually form fitting uniform was now all baggy over the “girl.”

“Man this is too good!” Kirishima couldn’t stop laughing.

“Picture! OMG I need to take a picture!” Kaminari snapped a picture of the two classmates of his.

“Guys, it’s not funny,” the “boy” whined in a girly tone. It just sounded wrong considering his voice was deep and manly.

“OH MY GOD THIS IS TOO GOOD!” Sero started crying out of laughter. “I can’t! Idou has leg hair!”

“NOT FUNNY!” the “boy” named Idou looked like he was about to cry. Then, the “girl” stepped in front of him. “Shou-chan….”

“Shun and I will change back in 24 hours, so just go about your day normally,” she said.

“Todoroki-kun looks so cute! I wanna put his hair up!” Hagakure said, totally ignoring him.

Aizawa sighed. Class isn’t going to get anywhere with these two in their current forms, so he said, “Todoroki, Idou, go switch your outfits.”

“I’m not wearing a skirt,” Todoroki said with a frown. The class, however, had stars in their eyes, desperate to see the strongest boy in class wear a skirt, even though he is in a girl’s form right now.

“Shou-chan,” a deep whiny voice caught Todoroki’s attention. He, er….She looked over at Idou, who looked like she he was about to cry. “Please…..” To be perfectly honest, Todoroki felt disgusted at the sight of a tall, muscular guy begging him in a cutesy pose like that. But considering that it’s his girlfriend on the inside, he had no choice but to comply. And so, they switched outfits.

Todoroki’s face was deep red when he came back to the classroom with a skirt on. Idou looked much more comfortable in pants and a form fitting shirt. The class made a few more jokes, and took some more pictures, but were then forced to sit back down and go through class. Giggles and snickers wouldn’t stop, and even some teachers laughed at the situation. “I AM HER-” All Might didn’t even finish his usual announcement before turning around to laugh. During break, the girls put Todoroki’s hair up in pigtails, white on one side and red on the other. All Might did everything he could to resist the urge of taking a photo of him.

“Alright, class, get into your costumes and gather at training ground gamma!”

The whole class looked towards Todoroki and Idou. Iida was first to raise his hand. “All Might-sensei, what will we do about Todoroki-kun and Idou-san?” he asked.

“Hmm….why not let Idou go to the boy’s locker room and Todoroki to the girls?” All Might suggested.

“NO!” all the girls shouted. Sure Todoroki has a female body now, but he’s still a guy on the inside, so it wouldn’t be right for him to see all the girls change. Same goes for Idou in the guys room. Remembering that, All Might patted himself on the head, and apologized for his ‘carelessness.’

“Then, continue to go to the same locker room?” All Might asked again.

“YES!” Mineta shouted. He didn’t care Todoroki was a guy on the inside, a girl’s body is a girl’s body. Not to mention Todoroki’s boobs are huge!

“No!” Idou shouted. “Definitely not!” No way is she letting Mineta see her boyfriend’s boobs…..

“Just go fucking change in bathroom stalls,” Bakugou rolled his eyes and retorted. Sometimes people can’t help but admit, Bakugou really is a genius.


“Shou-chan,” Todoroki shuddered when he heard that deep manly voice call his nickname. He looked at his girlfriend (more like boyfriend now), and finally took a good look at her up and down. His pants was too short on her. Todoroki suddenly started to feel a little insecure about this. Idou is taller than him, and more muscular, and has a deeper voice than him as a man. He didn’t know how he felt about that. “Wanna eat lunch together?”

“Yeah,” he answered in his soft, silky, high pitched voice. God he sounds pre-puberty. Out of habit, they locked fingers, and both found something odd. They looked down.

“It feels weird having bigger hands,” Idou said. “And being taller than you.” She gazed around the hall. “Wow, it really does look different from up here.” Todoroki sighed. He has to admit, it looks different down here too. They continued to walk towards the cafeteria, until Idou suddenly froze.

“What’s wrong?” Todoroki asked.

“I have to pee….” she said.

“So?” Todoroki first looked confused, then he realized the issue, and his eyes gazed down at Idou’s crotch. “Oh….”

“How….?” Idou squeaked, desperate for help. Sweat poured down her face at the thought of it, and made her want to pee even more. What was originally just a small urge is now turning to an emergency as she thought about it.

“C-Calm down!” Todoroki stuttered. He needs to remain calm. “Come with me.” He grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her down the hall.

When they arrived in front of the restrooms, Idou said, “I’m not going into the guy’s bathroom.”

“Suck it up Shun, you have to,” Todoroki said, pushing the door open and dragging her in. Idou took a sharp breath when she saw the guys at the urinals, with their…..things out…… The guys all turned and stared at them, jaws dropped.

“See, they’re staring at me,” Idou said. “I shouldn’t be in there.”

“No, they’re staring at me,” Todoroki informed. Oh right, Idou realized. She is a boy now. And the pigtails Todoroki is the one that doesn’t fit in here. “Come with me.” He dragged her into a stall, and closed the door behind her. All the guys finished their businesses, zipped up their pants, and hurried out of the bathroom. They are not staying for what was happening next. Todoroki stood outside the stall, and shouted, “Unzip your pants, take it out, aim, and go.”

“I can’t!”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“I don’t wanna touch it!”

Todoroki rolled his eyes, and walked into the stall. “I’ll help you,” he said.


“You don’t wanna touch it right?”

“Yeah but-”

“Just unzip it!” Todoroki unzipped the pants for Idou. Outside the stall, a few boys walked into the bathroom, and when they heard the girl say 'unzip it,’ they all decided to walk out and go to another bathroom. Oh god, high schoolers these days, so bold.

“Kya!” Idou squealed in her manly voice, sending goosebumps down Todoroki’s spine again. He grabbed her….thing….., and pointed it at the toilet. “That feels weird!” Idou’s face was as red as the left side of Todoroki’s hair, and so was Todoroki’s face. He seemed to just have realized that although this was a man’s body he was touching, it was still his girlfriend’s body. And technically, he’s touching her……. Oh no don’t even think about it.

“Just go!” Todoroki closed his eyes and turned away as Idou went. After all that happened, they walked out of the stall, face redder than the sunset. They didn’t half to talk about it to agree to never to mention this again.


A long day of school finally ended. Todoroki and Idou both let out a sigh of relief. It’s over. Finally. Now they can go home and wait for it t-

“Shou-chan you’re bleeding!” Idou exclaimed.

“What?” Todoroki looked at his arms, nothing. “Where?” Suddenly he felt something hot, sticky, and wet, slowly glide down his inner thighs. It was as if the blood in his face decided to flow downwards. His ash like complexion was silently conveying his fear. “Is that….”

“You’re on your period….” Idou nodded. But how? And why? Idou suddenly remembered the panicky civilian who told them they’d experience everything the opposite gender goes through. She smacked herself in the face, letting out a groan. “This day is just getting worse.”

By now, Todoroki was completely freaking out. “W-What do I do?” he asked. This time, Idou had to be the calm one.

“I-It’s okay!” she said. “I have pads in my backpack!” She dragged Todoroki into the girl’s bathroom, straight into a stall. “Take off your skirt.” There was already a stain on the back of the skirt. Todoroki ignored the fact that he was blushing like a madman and closed his eyes, taking his skirt off, and underwear, and sat down on the seat.

“You’re wearing boxers?! Who wears boxers under a skirt?” Idou exclaimed. “How am I supposed to put the pad on that?”

“I-I don’t know, just do something!” Todoroki begged. Oh God, she’s actually really cute when she’s flustered like that, Idou thought. Then she slapped herself in the face. Shun wake up, that’s your boyfriend, don’t call him a she. She took a deep breath, and unwrapped the pad. She carefully placed it onto Todoroki’s boxers. She folded the inside of the boxer so that the wings of the pad still wraps around it. It’ll just feel weird later.

“Okay, um. The pad is on. Just w-wipe……” Idou decided to turn around and not look at her boyfriend attempting to wipe the excess blood from his…..v- Yeah let’s just leave it at that.

When Todoroki and Idou got out of the stall, they were surrounded by basically all the girls from class 1-A. “What are you guys doing here?” Idou asked. Todoroki hid his face in his hands, too embarrassed to face his classmates. He must be the first man in history to experience a period. I’m gonna be so much better to Shun when she’s on her period from now on, he thought.

“Oh, I was gonna say I have tampons,” Ashido held a tampon up in the air.

“Pain medicine,” Jirou offered.

“I have chocolate!” Uraraka said.

“Todoroki-san, are you feeling alright now? Do you need to go to the nurse?” Yaoyozoru asked.

“Yeah, if you feel any cramps just tell us okay?” Hagakure said.

“Thanks everyone, let’s go back home,” Idou thanked them for Todoroki. Outside the bathroom, the boys all gathered around, cracking up at Todoroki.

“Oh my God he seriously got his period!” laughed Kaminari.

“What does I feel like?” for some reason Ojiro looked seriously curious when he asked the question.

“Horrible…” Todoroki replied. His face was still red.

“No kidding, the skirt is all stained,” Kirishima pointed to Todoroki’s skirt.

“Heh.” Idou turned to Bakugou, who just snickered at Todoroki.

“What are you laughing about Bakugou?!” she glared at him. The blonde simply smirked at shrugged. He left before Idou could say anything else to him. She then noticed the nervous look on Todoroki’s face. With her large, manly manly hands, she grabbed his soft smooth ones. Damn they’re so much softer than mine, she thought.

“Shou-chan, it’ll be over by tomorrow,” she said, trying to comfort him. He gave her a soft smile and a nod. Idou took off her, er…. Todoroki’s jacket, and wrapped it around his waist, covering the stain. The rest of the class made a path for them to pass through, and the two of them walked out of school and headed home.

The next morning Idou still woke up as a boy. The previous day she explained to her mother the long story. Of course it caused quite some laughter in the household. In the morning however, it started causing concerns. According to the 24 hour rule, Idou won’t be able to transform back until later on her way to school. She wore Todoroki’s school uniform, and met up with him at the intersection between his neighborhood and hers. He wore her school uniform, and had his hair down. He looked just as uncomfortable as she did.

“Shou-chan!” Idou greeted him.

“Good morning Shun,” Todoroki greeted her back. He held a hand out to her as usual, but the two of them were both a little reluctant to hold hands. The way his hand fit inside her’s…just didn’t feel right.

Both of them were nervous as they walked down the streets. Any moment now, they thought. Of course during the incident yesterday, the two weren’t able to confirm exactly what time they became like this, so now they had to wait for it to happen.

“Excuse me,” a girl said as she pushed through the crowd. As she squeezed by Idou, Idou lost balance, and started falling into the streets.

“Hey! Shun!” Todoroki called for her. He quickly grabbed her by the wrist, but the moment his hand touched her skin, POOF!

People around them started coughing due to the sudden smoke bomb. What exactly happened? When the smoke cleared, everyone’s eyes widened to see a young copper orange haired girl in an over sized boys uniform and a tall strange haired boy dressed in a skirt…….

“Leg hair,” someone in the crowd muttered.

Both Todoroki and Idou’s faces were beet red. “This is the worst!”

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