Clingy (Alternate Ver.) (Todoroki x Reader) (2022)

Pairing: Todoroki x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A soft, clingy Todoroki just wants your love and attention.

Word count: 1,382

Tags: @yuki-osaki @cyanide9602@liviitehe@iamsoftsodonttoucheume-blog@bunnythepipsqueak

a/n: Basically a more fluffy redo of Clingy, this is more the mood for how I wantedit to turn out, but the former one came out a bit spicy, so here’s the fluffy version this almost went spicy again because Love Talk was playing fignoigboig had to switch it REAL QUICK

I’m also really quickly approaching my 100th post and idk what to do about it?? And I still need to do an event for 2k (well, I can push it off to 2.5k since that’s coming soon too…) ahhh I can’t Tumblr 😔

There’s nothing more adorable than a clingy, needy Todoroki, I’ve come to realize.

A sweet start to my morning was Todoroki’s head leaning against the door frame, the most affectionately soft smile gracing his handsome features. He was holding a paper bag in his hands, which he held out to me as soon as I opened the door. "Good morning, love. I brought you breakfast.“

I took the bag from him, peaking inside only to see my favorite breakfast sandwich from the convenience store awaiting me. "Wait, you woke up earlier just to get me breakfast?”

“Mhm, just for you.” Unbothered by me about to protest, he kissed my forehead to cut me short. "I thought it would make you happy since you’re not a morning person.“

As I ate my sandwich on our short walk from the dorms to the academic building, his arm remained planted around me, anchored right around my waist. Normally, he isn’t the type to show excessive public displays of affection, but I didn’t mind it. For his troubles, I wordlessly offered a bite of my sandwich to him, to which he graciously accepted before pressing a chaste kiss to my cheek in thanks.

He’s in an awfully good mood today, I thought to myself. I could get used to this side of him. I placed my hand on his around me and snuggled against him.

Once we reached the classroom, he followed me straight to my desk, pulling the chair next to me just to continue nuzzling me, almost falling asleep while playing with my hands in his. Even as Kaminari teased him from across the room for being whipped, he ignored the boy and laid another feathery kiss over my knuckles.

"There’s nothing wrong with being whipped when you just want to shower love on your darling,” he mumbled cheekily just for us to hear.

“But there’s such a thing as too much public affection, Todo.” I stroked his cheek. "Besides, Aizawa’s gonna be here soon, and you’ve displaced Mina for long enough.“

"I’m totally fine with that!” The pink-haired girl called from across the room with Asui and Hagakure. "You guys have as much time together as you want~!“

"Seems I have her blessing,” my boyfriend replied with a teasing smile, his face inching towards mine.

My heart skipped a beat. "We can do this later when we’re alone.“ I reached my hand up to block his oncoming love-attack. Now, this level of affection was turning strange.

His puckered lips turned deflated into a small - albeit, adorable - pout. "Fine.” But something tells me he’s not going to be satisfied wait that long.

At that moment, Aizawa walked in and Todoroki returned to his seat, but not before sneaking another quick peck on top of my head, his warm touch lingering on me for as long as he could before finally being out of distance. I didn’t even have to turn to see Ashido smirking at me, my cheeks and ears heating up at the embarrassment that everyone must have seen. Aizawa’s tired gaze even flickered between us, causing me to bury my head in my book.

During break, Todoroki’s intense appetite for skinship and affection wasn’t quelled. I felt his eyes boring into the back of my head for the entirety of class, and I know he wasn’t going to give up at all. He was keen on getting what he wanted in any way he can.

Before going to lunch, I had stopped to talk with Ashido and Kirishima outside the classroom. Todoroki had silently slid himself behind me, patiently waiting for us to finish our conversation so we can have lunch together as per our usual routine. Slowly, he started migrating closer and closer to my body, wrapping one arm around me first.

“Can we go now?” he whispered in my ear. "I’m hungry.“

"You don’t have to wait for me, go with Midoriya for now,” I replied.

He breathed out an annoyed sigh, the cool air tickling the side of my neck. "You aren’t talking about anything special. Besides, I’m still waiting for that kiss you promised me.“

My face immediately turned hot again despite keeping my expression as neutral as it was before.

"Uh, Y/n, you okay there?” Kirishima perked up once he sensed my discomfort.

“Y-Yeah, totally fine-”

“Todoroki must be needing something,” Ashido giggled, obviously knowing what was going on. "You can worry about the tutoring stuff some other time, we can work out the schedule details some other time.“

"No, it’s fine we can work it out now!” I spoke a little too quickly to be natural, since my boyfriend fully captured me, his colder arm joining the other, and rested his head squarely on my shoulder.

“You seem to have a more pressing matter,” Kiri chuckled.

“Just kiss me already,” Todoroki whispered in my ear. “Please? I’ve been waiting patiently.“

My body shivered at his bold request. He must be that desperate. “Fine, I’ll talk to you guys later, I need to take care of this.”

At my surrender, Todoroki towed my body backwards, away from the cafeteria back into our classroom.

Mina whistled shamelessly, “Yeah, we know, go take care of your man!”

Ahh, it’s not like that! I wanted to scream, but my impatient boyfriend kicked the door closed.

I turned around to stare at him head on. "You are super needy today.” I only had the heart to be half serious, ending up chuckling halfway through.

Todoroki was pleased with himself, puckering his lips as he gently cradles my head in his palms, anticipating his long-awaited reward. How can I say no to that?

I closed the distance with a quick, tender kiss, but as soon as we parted for a moment, he pulls me back in, stealing my lips in more gentle caresses. His gentle but powerful love obvious in his kisses, never ceasing to move my heart and body towards him.

I smiled against his lips, entwining my fingers in his hand cupping my cheek. "You were really yearning for that kiss, weren’t you?“

“I wanted to be alone with you even before that.” His breathtaking smile played on his lips again before he moved towards his desk, tugging me by our entwined hands. "I wanted to have lunch together, just us.” He pulled out two sets of bento lunches. "My mom instructed me how to make bento went I visited her over the weekend.“

I pulled the chair in front of his place towards his desk so I could sit across from him. "Really? I can’t wait to try it.”

“It’s not much, but I wanted to make you lunch since you’re my special person.” He pecked my nose and set one wrapped bento on my side.

“You’re always spoiling me, getting me breakfast and now this?” I untied the knot on the furoshiki and lifted the lid on the box. "Todoroki!“ I cooed. Two small onigiri with seaweed smiley faces stared back up at me on one side of the box. The other side had a tamagoyaki arranged in the shape of a heart wrapped in lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, and marinated pieces of meat wrapped in another lettuce leaf. "This is so cute!”

He chuckled at me. "Well, my mother did say to eat first with your eyes before your mouth.“

Taste I did, and everything was delicious. My stomach was happy with how spoiled I was. Our lunch was spent feeding each other while I admired my boyfriend’s chewing faces. Something about his cheeks being satisfyingly full filled my own heart with tenderness. "You must’ve been anxious waiting for lunch the entire morning.”

He wiped the corner of my mouth with his thumb. "I woke up extra early, a little early actually, so I had time to pick up breakfast as well. Did you enjoy it?“

I patted my belly. "I’m always happy with food, but it’s especially good when it’s made by you, Todo.” I leaned forward in my seat. "I’d like to give my compliments to the chef.“

His mismatched eyes danced in glee, eagerly waiting for his payment. I pressed a kiss to both his cheeks and one on his nose. "For my precious boy.”

“I’ll be sure to do this more often if my reward is kisses.” He continued finishing his last few bites with his soft, accomplished smile.

If this is what a clingy Todoroki has in store for me, then I would gladly put up with his needy behavior for these treasured moments.

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