At death’s doorstep w/ Todoroki Shouto (2022)

Request:PLEASE do one where the bnha boys (idc who so long as shouto is one of them :)) are out on a hero mission w y/n and the villain hurts y/n super badly in order to like put shouto or whoever in a tough situation. and then they get super upset bc y/n got hurt and stuff and just 🥺🥺🥺 - @anythingforshouto

Ah yes good old fashioned manipulation of ones feelings. I see you. I love this prompt for mild angst. I had done a similar one a while back but I swear this is different. Love ya. 💖💖💖



warnings: mentions of injury and blood, angst with some fluff

Todoroki Shouto

At death’s doorstep w/ Todoroki Shouto (1)

-It was his last mission under his father’s supervision.

-After this one he would be an official pro hero and he would choose an agency to work under.

-The villain had been attacking a nearby area for quiet some time before Shouto arrived.

-She had been causing choas left and right with building on fire and people running away from falling debris.

-Shouto saw a flash of h/c hair moving towards the villain and then an attack was blasted at the villain.

-He couldn’t help the smile that grazed his lips once he saw you, your attacks against the villain become more powerful and frequent causing Shouto’s smile to broaden.

-His girlfriend was a badass and he loved it.

-Making his way to yoiur spot near the villain, he released his flames at the villain causing her to back away from you.

-“You okay Sho?”

-You smiled at him and for a brief moment he forgot where he was

-He got that lovestruck look in his eyes that made you blush and you let out a flustered giggle completely ignoring the villain’s eyes on you.

-She connected the dots and knew what she had to do to get one of you to back down.

-And she decided that you were the one she should go after, your previous attacks against her spurred her on to jump at you.

-You barely dodged in time, her claws managing to sink into your shoulder leaving hot white pain behind them.

-A grunt left your lips as she yanked her hand free from your flesh and she lunged again.

-Shouto moved faster this time blocking her way to you with a block of ice which was again sliced in half by her claws.

-The villain shoved Shouto to the side and pounced on you digging her claws into your sides as you aimlessly tried to pull them out.

-The scream you let out made Shouto’s blood run cold.

-Then there was the blood, so much blood.

-She raised you to your feet one hand circling your throat her sharp claws touching the skin of your neck while the other was still burried in your side.

-You were barely concious, the blood loss and the shock from the pain leaving in a state of numbness.

-“Call the others off or she dies.”

-Shouto was frozen on the spot, left arm outstretched as flames licked his fingers.

-His eyes were watering from how long he was keeping them open, his heterochromic orbs never leaving yours.

-You mouthed a silent no at the villains words resulting in her wiggling the fingers that were still embeded in your side.

-The whimper that left your lips was enough to make Shouto raise his arms up in the air.

-“Alright, I’ll call them off j-just let her go.”

-His voice quivered from his rage; he could feel it flowing through his veins blazing hot even on his right side, despite his quirk.

-She chuckled at his words, pressing her fingers deeper into your side causing more blood to come gushing out.

-Shouto pressed his fingers into the intercom contacting his agency on the other side to stop the pursuit.

-“Good boy.”

-She kept her hold on you, Shouto noticing how her wrist flexed as she started releasing your throat but the movement wasn’t meant for true release.

-She was going to kill you whether he called the others off or not.

-He should have seen it coming how could he be so dumb.

-Because he was gambling with your life that’s why.

-In an instant he set his flames free burning the villain’s side while he took you from her grip in a makeshift ice slide.

-His hands got painted red instantly, your grip on his shoulder firm but getting weaker by the minute.

-Just before he reached the medical team he saw his father flying overhead, a look of concern flashing through his features at the sight of blood on his son.

-Shouto kept talking to you, begging you to keep your eyes open to stay with him.

-“Love, sweetheart, Y/N your eyes on me don’t close them, please don’t close them.”

-He asked you to describe your dream apartment, the future you wanted both for your hero career and with him.

-The medics could only wince at the state of you once Shouto layed you on the stretcher.

-He refused to leave your side but then he heard his father call for back up through his intercom and he knew that someone had to pay for this.

-Bringing you so close to death, Shouto wouldn’t allow her to escape.

-He knew that his mindset wasn’t very hero like but he didn’t care.

-The image of your blood on her hands as hse twisted her claws was imprinted in his brain destined to haunt him for the rest of his life.

-He went all out on the villain leaving no room for her to escape.

-She had burns and frostbite littering her body.

-As she was escorted by the police she snirred at Shouto her bloodied grin making him wince.

-“Say hi to your little bitch for me or maybe you won’t.”

-His father had to force him away from her.

-After getting cleaned up at the agency both him and his father rushed to the hospital, Shouto remembering only snippets of what had happened after you were taken away.

-Being led into the room by the doctor, he couldn’t focus himself the doctor’s words going in one ear and out the other, the only thing occupying his brain being your broken form as he had set you in that ambulance.

-Once the door to your room opened everything came crashing down on him.

-His fatigue and concern overtook him his knees feeling extremly weak at the very sight of your bandages and IV lines.

-His father set a sturdy hand on his shoulder, steadying him as a single tear left his eye.

-“She had multiple ribs broken and one punctured her lung but she’ll make it. The surgery was successful she should start to wake up in a day or two.”

-He stayed beside you until you woke up.

-The moment yout eyes opened he shot up from his seat.

-He couldn’t control himself, the shine in your eyes was finally back replacing that otherwordly dullness that had taken over a couple of days prior.

-Tears ran down his cheeks as he peppered kisses all over your face, always midful of your injuries.

-His sobs filled the room as he hugged you close, letting your warmth bleed into him, fill the void that your unresponsive behavior had left behind.

-“I love you so so so much.”

-You started crying after a while.

-He didn’t leave you out of his sight for the next three months going as far as wanting to accompany you to the bathroom.

-Baby got so scared don’t ever do that to him again.



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