02x09 - Bakugo vs. Uraraka - My Hero Academia Transcripts - Forever Dreaming (2023)

The world has become a superhuman society, and about 80% of the world's population now has some kind of special trait.

In this world swirling with chaos, the profession that everyone once dreamed about and admired came into the limelight.

Heroes of justice fighting villains and saving people from distress.

Yes, this is the story of how I became the greatest hero.

I'll definitely become a hero and make money and let my parents take it easy.

You're amazing, Deku.

I keep seeing more and more amazing sides to you.

During the cavalry battle, I thought it'd be easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might've been trying to rely on you.

That's why, when Iida said he'd challenge you, it actually made me feel a little embarrassed.

Uraraka Everyone's facing the future and trying their hardest.

That means we're all rivals, right? That's why Let's meet in the finals! "Bakugo vs.

Uraraka" The eighth and last match of the first round! He was kind of famous in middle school! This isn't the face of a regular person! From the hero course, it's Katsuki Bakugo! Versus-- She's the one I'm rooting for! From the hero course, it's Ochaco Uraraka! You're the one that makes things float, right, Round Face? Round? If you're gonna withdraw, do it now.

You won't get off with just an "ouch.

" Midoriya.

What was the strategy you were going to tell Uraraka earlier for her to use against Bakugo? It wasn't much, really.

"Hero Analysis for the Future" Kacchan's strong.

In a real close combat fight, he has almost no openings, and the more he moves, the more he sweats, making his expl*si*n Quirk stronger.

He can use the blasts from his explosions to move around in the air, but if Uraraka touches Kacchan and uses her Quirk to make him float, then she would have the upper hand.

That's why the first thing Uraraka should do is Eighth match, start! a swift attack! Withdrawing isn't a choice! All right! That's good.

Even if it's an accident, as long as she can touch him, she can make him float! Bakugo won't want Uraraka to get close to him.

That's why Kacchan won't want to evade.

He'll want to counterattack! Then, die! Kacchan You usually start with a big right swing.

Here! Here! If I dodge here! Uraraka! Did he blast her? Even though you're fighting a girl, you have no mercy, do you, Bakugo? This is no good.

Even if I knew about it, I couldn't react in time.

I'll take care of you.

Don't underestimate me! Oh, she made her jacket float and sent it over there?! She did it in an instant, too! If I make him float now-- He moved after he saw her? With that reaction time, it doesn't matter if there's a smokescreen.

With Uraraka not being able to activate her Quirk unless she touches him, she's at a disadvantage with Bakugo's reflexes.

Too slow! Take this! Ochaco I can't watch! Bakugo, don't tell me your tastes run in that direction Not yet! Uraraka keeps attacking without rest, but this is Uraraka Her substitution earlier didn't work, so she's getting desperate.

What an idiot.

Hey, shouldn't you stop this? Isn't he going too far? I can't watch Hey! How can you say you want to be a hero like that?! If there's such a huge difference in your abilities, then hurry up and send her out of bounds! Stop bullying and playing with the poor girl! Yeah! Yeah! There's booing from part of the crowd But honestly, I also feel the sa-- An elbow?! What're ya doin'?! Was that a pro saying he's playing around? How many years have you been a pro? Huh? If you're saying that with a straight face, there's no point in you watching anymore, so go home! Go home, and look into changing careers! Mr.

Aizawa? Bakugo is being careful because he's acknowledged the strength of his opponent who has made it this far.

It's because he's doing everything he can to win that he can't go easy on her or let his guard down.

Not yet She's still not dead! It's about time I think Thanks, Bakugo for not letting your guard down Huh? It can't be helped from where Bakugo is, but it's embarrassing for a pro in the stands to start booing without noticing.

She kept her body low as she advanced, concentrating Bakugo's attacks on the ground, storing up w*apon.

And then, she narrowed his field of vision with relentless attacks to keep him from noticing.

I'm gonna win! A meteor shower? You should've noticed.

She had a desperate plan like that up her sleeve? With this much debris, whether he's evading or counterattacking, there will definitely be an opening! In that moment, I'll get close to him with my secret move! I'll win! I'll win and be like Deku, too! Since you're friends with Deku, I thought you'd be up to something In one sh*t B-Bakugo delivers a satisfying expl*si*n! He blasts boldly through Uraraka's secret plan! That was close I did as much as I could! But he wasn't fazed at all Uraraka Even so All right, let's get serious then, Uraraka! If it were Deku he wouldn't give up-- Uraraka's down! My body won't do what I want Uraraka She passed her limit a long time ago I-I also also can still! When I get big, I'll help you and Mommy! I appreciate the thought, Ochaco.

But as your dad, I'd be even happier if you could achieve your dream.

When that happens, you can take us to Hawaii! I'll become a hero! Daddy Uraraka's out of commission.

Bakugo advances to the second round! "Katsuki Bakugo" Take her to Recovery Girl.

I know.

The eighth match of the first round Oh, Uraraka Oh yeah, Bakugo advances to the second round.

If you're gonna do it, do it properly.

Now, let's pull ourselves together-- You're really letting your personal feelings take over The first round is all done! Let's move on to the next round quickly after a short break! "Player Waiting Room 2" Let's meet in the finals! Uraraka Whoa, Kacchan? What the--?! What the hell do you want?! Die, scum! Oh, well, I'm next, so I was going to get ready in the waiting room Also, congrats on winning the first round Later That was your idea, wasn't it? That damned desperate plan.

You just have to be annoying, don't you? What the hell-- It wasn't.

All of it Uraraka planned it all thinking about how she could beat you.

If you thought that was annoying, that was because Uraraka was leading you around by the nose! Hey, Bakugo! That was tough, huh? Playing the bad guy.

Even if it was because of the match-up, you played an amazing villain, Bakugo.

Shut up! Be quiet! But man, I can't believe you were able to aim such a huge blast at a frail girl.

I couldn't help but hold back.

She completely sealed you off, Kaminari.

Y-You know what, Tsu What part of her was frail? "Player Waiting Room 2" Man, I lost Huh? I got carried away at the end thinking I could do it, dang it.

Uraraka, what about your injuries? Are you okay? Yeah, Recovery Girl took care of me! It was only moderate healing so it wouldn't drain my stamina, so I've still got scratches and stuff, though.

Man, but that Bakugo was really strong! "Frustrated" He totally got me.

I need to work harder, too! Are you all right? I'm fine! Better than expected! "Daddy" I mean, you immediately started looking ahead, Deku, and just because I lost doesn't mean I can lose.

That's The draw from the seventh match of the first round, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu! The winner of their arm wrestling match to decide who advances to the second round is Winner, Kirishima! He advances to the second round! --Yes! --The one who won his ticket was Kirishima! My metal fatigue I should've eaten more iron! It was a good match.

S-So youthful! Now we've got everyone who's advancing to the second round! So, let's get started! Already? Later Oh, sorry Deku! You weren't able to prepare at all since I was here No, I'm fine.

I'll be watching, 'kay? Good luck.


Sorry about not picking up earlier, Daddy.

It's fine, sorry for calling when you're busy.

Your mom and I watched you on TV.

You were so close! But you were amazing! It wasn't that close.

And I wasn't amazing.

I rushed too much in the end, too.

I didn't have a plan for what to do after that, either.

I was completely beaten.

Is that so? I don't understand complicated things, but just because you lost doesn't mean your path's been closed off, right? There's always next year, right? The further you advance, the more you can show how well you do against different types.

The scouts can't tell with just one match.

What're you in such a hurry for? I mean I want to hurry and help you guys Ochaco, it's fine even if you don't rush.

You feeling that way shows you're kind, so I know you'll be a great hero.

Isn't it obvious? There's no way she's not frustrated.

Even so, I can't believe I said that I could help I couldn't do anything for her Instead I'll be watching, 'kay? Good luck.

she encouraged me again Endeavor?! Oh, there you are.

Endeavor What are you doing here? I watched your fight.

You have a wonderful Quirk.

You created so much wind pressure just by flicking your fingers.

If we're talking about power alone, yours is comparable to All Might's.

Wh-What are you What are you trying to say? I must go.

Endeavor knows about One For All? No, from the way he talked, he doesn't know.

Anyway, this is the one person I can't let find out.

It is my Shoto's duty to surpass All Might.

His match with you will be a very instructive test bed.

Please don't disgrace yourself in it.

Without using my damn old man's Quirk No I'll reject him completely by winning first place without using it.

That was all I wanted to say.

I apologize for bothering you right before the match.

I am not All Might.

That's obviou-- That's obvious, right? Todoroki isn't you, either.

All Might has his eye on you, doesn't he? Todoroki It is my Shoto's duty to surpass All Might.

Midoriya Just remember this-- I will make that into a hero that will surpass you one day.

Those two haven't started yet? I've gotta watch.

Were your eyes hurt? You must hurry to Recovery Girl-- I already went.

This is, you know It's different.

It's different? If that's the case, then you must've been really frustrated earlier.

Rather than feeling regretful right now, you should use this next match as a source of encouragement.


That's true.

Thanks for waiting, everybody! The first match of the second round is a big match! The man who won a huge victory in the first round and literally left the audience frozen-- From the hero course, it's Shoto Todoroki! On the other hand, this guy barely made it past the first round! What kind of fight will he show us this time? From the hero course, it's Izuku Midoriya! So you're here.

Todoroki Tokoyami, what do you think of this match? It depends on whether or not Midoriya jumps in close to Todoroki.


What is Deku going to do about that ice? Watch carefully and prepare, Tomura Shigaraki.

They may become obstacles to you one day.

That's a load of crap.

Izuku "Authorized Personnel Only" Those two both tried to save you, didn't they? Yeah.

It's just a feeling, but I think those two give off the same vibe.

At this year's sports festival, both have shown top class performances! It's like two great rivals fighting against each other! Now-- Midoriya versus Todoroki! Start! "Preview" Here's the preview.

The battle between Todoroki and me is finally starting.

I'll end this quickly.

It's true that just Todoroki's ice from his right side is strong-- I told you.

I will win without using that man's Quirk and reject him completely.

I am your opponent! What? Next time, "Shoto Todoroki: Origin.

" He remembers words that he had forgotten once before.

"Next time: Shoto Todoroki: Origin" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!

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